Our Community Engagement and Communications Toolkit will be released in spring 2019. Additional GOTC factsheets and translated resources will be released in summer 2019. Webinars are hosted monthly.


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  • Census FAQs - August 13, 2018, featuring Terry Ao Minnis (Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC).

  • How Are People Counted In The Census - September 24, 2018, featuring Terri Ann Lowenthal and Bill O’Hare (Consultants to the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights).

  • Deep Dive on Communications and Messaging - October 29, 2018, featuring Michelle Boykins (Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC) and Meghan Maury (National LGBTQ Taskforce).

  • The Race Question - November 15, 2018, featuring Dan Ichinose (Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles).

  • Census 2020 and Engaging the AANHPI Faith Community - February 25, 2019, featuring Dan Nejfelt (Faith in Public Life), Raul Cisneros (U.S. Census Bureau), James Hong (State Voices), Elena Langworthy (State Voices).

  • Digital Tools: CommmunityConnect Labs - March 20, 2018, featuring Stephanie Kim (CommunityConnect Labs).

  • Fundraising - March 25, 2018, featuring Karen Narasaki (Consultant to Bauman Foundation), Jocelyn Bissonnette (Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation), and Christine Chen (APIAVote).

Resources From Our Partners

Community-based organizations serve as trusted messengers for GOTC and help ensure that our communities get counted fully and accurately.